Sherli Inggrit

About the Author

Sherli Inggrit, an Indonesian Migrant Worker with 14 years of experience in Hong Kong, actively supports and provides information to fellow workers through migrant groups. She ensures that her community is aware of employment rights, labour regulations, and updates from relevant authorities such as the Hong Kong Government and the Indonesian Consulate. In addition to offering guidance, Sherli assists migrant domestic workers in completing essential forms for visa extensions, contract terminations, and passport renewals.


As a PathFinders Ambassador for the past three years, Sherli has undergone personal growth through various learning opportunities, collaborations, and the initiation of engagements related to significant topics. These include Maternity Protections in Hong Kong, Love Scams and Healthy Relationships, Planned Parenthood Plans, and Mental Health. Despite the challenges presented by both face-to-face and virtual platforms, Sherli remains motivated and supported, successfully creating positive impacts through collaboration.


Sherli takes immense pride in her proactive role in self-empowerment and the empowerment of her community, fostering unity and resilience among fellow migrant workers.

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