Soha Chahine

About the Author

Soha Chahine is a renowned corporate coach and trainer with over a decade of experience in the field of human resources. As the founder of Forward Training and Consulting FZE, Soha specialises in emotional intelligence, resilience, and leadership coaching and training. She is a Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) qualified professional with a master’s degree in human resource management and training and certifications in CHRMP, Diversity & Inclusion, NLP, Team Coaching, Lego Serious Play facilitator and many psychometric assessments.


Soha is a multi-award-winning coach and trainer committed to helping organisations and their employees achieve their full potential by nurturing a thriving workforce that can contribute to the success of the organisation.


As a forward-thinking coach and trainer, her approach focuses on the skills and competencies needed for the future of work, making her an expert in developing individuals and teams who are resilient, determined, and committed to overcoming life’s challenges.

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