Suman Sirohia

About the Author

Suman Sirohia is an Internationally Certified Life Coach, Executive Coach, Mind- set Transformation, and Emotional Intelligence Coach. With expertise in practicing NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Suman’s keynote speeches are known to motivate and create mind shifts among listeners, making her a powerful speaker.


Apart from authoring this book, Suman has co-authored two Amazon best-sellers, ‘Undefeated’ and ‘#My Voice (volume 4)’, which follow the journeys of survival, empowerment, and self-compassion. Her specialty lies in building positive, happy mind-sets, allowing her clients to gain clarity and purpose in their lives. Suman’s coaching technique allows individuals to identify and understand their values, limiting beliefs, fears, patterns, and goals to create a more fulfilling, meaningful, and purposeful life.


Having one mission and one vision to spread happiness in the world by impacting 1 million lives by 2030 with positivity and peace, Suman’s spiritually evolved nature has blessed her with internal peace and the bliss of consciousness, providing her with a unique perspective and approach towards coaching. Today, Suman has successfully transformed hundreds of people to lead a life of clarity and purpose.

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