Suman Sirohia

About the Author

Suman Sirohia, Mindset and Happiness Explorer is an international professional keynote speaker, influencer and blogger. She is attracted by good content like “bees to a honey pot.” 

Her creativity in writing inspired her to be a co-author of the book “Undefeated,” an Amazon number one bestseller.


Suman’s story is of grit and determination, and how she rose against all odds from being ordinary to extraordinary. Her warmth and welcoming smile motivate and inspire people around her.


Born in India, Suman lives in Mumbai with her beautiful family. She reads and breathes romance. Her poison is chocolates and coffee.


Being established in consciousness, the fruits of a spiritual journey of over fifteen years, her vision is to “Rain Happiness, Peace and Joy,” over one million people by 2030.  Her niches are “Infinite Mindsets” and “You are the Creator of your Destiny.”

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