Surabhi Kapoor

About the Author

Surabhi Kapoor was born in India to parents who valued education and fairness. Growing up with an elder brother, she felt loved and empowered to make the choices her heart desired and was also supported by her family to succeed in every decision she made. She sees this as a privilege because many of her girlfriends were raised differently. This childhood privilege and her workplace challenges of attracting and retaining female talent laid the foundation for her being an advocate for gender diversity, inclusion and equity.


Surabhi has a Master’s in Business Administration, and she is a certified Coach and a yoga practitioner. She has more than 20 years of international and leadership experience in the field of Human Resources. 


She also invests significant time volunteering for not-for-profit organisations like WOMAG and the KeyNote Women Speaker Directory. 


She currently works and lives in Dubai with her partner and two children.


Chapter Title: The Perils of Privilege


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