Suruchi Hirawat

About the Author

Suruchi Hirawat embarked on a journey guided by a radiant light, eventually creating “Insight in sight,” a platform aimed at helping individuals break free from obstacles and negative emotions hindering their full potential. Pain, anger, agony, irritation, failure, or any other locked-away or unrecognised emotions can be effectively dealt with. The practitioner invites others to experience a transformative journey that brings warmth, happiness, independence, stability, joy, pleasure, and abundance into their lives. 


With over a decade of experience in healing, she holds various certifications and qualifications in fields such as Access Consciousness, Talk to the Entity Facilitation, Maestro, Theta Healing, Shamanic Practice, Tarot Card Reading, Past Life Healing, Color Therapy, Body Whispering, Life Coaching, Auto-Writing, Channelled Painting, Crystal and Inner-Child Healing, Dance Meditation, Space Clearing, and Mediumship.


The decision to become a healer was driven by her son’s struggles. He experienced recurrent nightmares, prompting a visit to a therapist. Through an EFT session, it was revealed that he held intense fear towards his own mother, which he expressed during the night. Despite her intentions to be a loving and nurturing parent, the realisation was shocking for her and everyone involved. 


This awakening moment compelled her to reevaluate her insecurities and examine her parenting style inherited from previous generations. This marked the beginning of her journey with theta healing. By freeing herself from her own limitations, she was able to heal her child and prevent the perpetuation of generational trauma.


Her journey also led her to question the traditional roles assigned to women as daughters, mothers, wives, and friends. Believing that there was more to life, she sought a greater purpose. Winning the title of Mrs India Earth further solidified her desire to give back to the universe. Having lived in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, and returning to Mumbai, she now resides in her current base.


Her story serves as an inspiring reminder that liberation is possible for anyone and offers hope to those seeking to free themselves from their own limitations.

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