Suzanne Murray

About the Author

Suzanne Murray is a Safeguarding, Child Protection and Wellbeing Consultant and Founder of FairChild Safeguarding Ltd. An Educator with over 30 years experience in State and International Schools, her unique skill set and unshakable belief in the value and potential of children is central to her work. Her measured and balanced approach to safeguarding turns policy into practice.


Suzanne was born and educated in Ireland and subsequently graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with BEd Hons in Home Economics. Early in her career, she found that her desire to support children’s wellbeing and safety was central to her various roles, working with and supporting vulnerable children.


Suzanne has experience of living in various countries and has developed a particular interest in culture. She advocates for the development of a “Culture of Care” in all learning organisations and uses her experience to educate, advise, train and speak to the moral duty to protect all children.

Suzanne Murray is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - A Collective Memoir by Women of Substance (Vol-I). Her chapter is "Journey to Purpose."

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