Tanya Fitzgerald

About the Author

Tanya Fitzgerald has worked in small, medium, and large organisations during significant periods of disruption. She knows that for people and well-being practices to be effective, they must meet the bespoke needs of individuals and businesses.


She is passionate about implementing effective people and well-being practices to drive sustainable change AND increase productivity, performance, and profits while ensuring businesses, leaders and individuals succeed.


Tanya provides individual coaching and consultancy services focused on modern human resources practices for small businesses. She provides practical examples of how to implement effective people and well-being practices.


She has worked with business leaders, helping them lead, engage, develop, and support their employees to flourish during disruptive times.


Tanya is well-known for her ability to convey complex HR concepts in a clear and actionable manner.


Magdalena designed Diversity & Inclusion strategies and large-scale programmes at AIG, HP, and EMC and is currently based at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. She is a co-founding member of KeyNote Women, she leads the KeyNote Oceania chapter and volunteers at a Polish Community Language School in Sydney.

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