Tidimalo Shabalala

About the Author

Tidimalo Shabalala is a 35-year-old lover of life, Born and raised in South Africa her upbringing was filled with so many life-altering experiences, that even as an adult she remembers her childhood with lots of gratitude, sacrifice and joy. 


Tidimalo’s passion lies in connections and helping others bring their creative ideas alive. She is the Founder of Tidi Consulting, a brand enhancement boutique agency based in Hong Kong. Her purpose is to share all her diverse experiences, connect with people, and most importantly assist SMEs and influencers in creating cool brands using PR and Marketing.


She is the mother of two beautiful children who enjoys meeting passionate women and learning about their experiences of moving abroad. Tidimalo loves hiking, family trips, exploring the Hong Kong shopping scene, visiting some islands and breathtaking beaches.

Tidimalo Shabalala is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - Inspiring Stories of Hope, Courage & Fearlessness (Vol-V). Her chapter is - "You Belong".

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