Valerie Chow

About the Author

Valerie Chow has integrated marketing experience in both digital and offline environments, honed in retail through exposure to global brands from Nike, Marks and Spencer to Harvey Norman. She started her career in merchandising, evolving to branding and digital marketing.


The biggest “change” in her career was her first 180-degree pivot into the insurance industry, thrown into an agile working environment that needed a continuous growth mindset. Valerie’s motto to keep developing led to her second career pivot into the finance industry. 


She is a chameleon in career pivots and with her love to learn and grow, she has successfully reinvented herself with her drive and determination to push forward on new career frontiers. 


This same motivation fires Valerie’s passion for D&I and the leadership journey with her “I am Remarkable” training to empower others in building self-confidence. 


This has led to her building her voice as a speaker and advocate for self-development for success.

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