Vanessa Lee Taub

About the Author

Vanessa Lee Taub is a South African born, Hong Kong resident of 30 years, where she was Owner Operator of her manufacturing business; Founder Operator of her art gallery specialising in Chinese Glass Sculpture and then took a wild career turn when she made a commitment to make a positive impact on people’s finances, arising out of her own challenging life circumstances. She currently works for an Award-winning Asian Private Bank.


Vanessa adopted the personal mantra #VisforVictory when her life was at its lowest point, in order to rewire her mind to live into a state of victory over her obstacles and envision success into her life.


Vanessa has a degree in psychology and drama, is a licensed adviser in Hong Kong, has qualified as a Certified Private Wealth Professional (CPWP) with an Award in Financial Planning (U.K.).


Vanessa, mom to two daughters (now in their twenties), practises Ashtanga yoga, is learning golf and is a mentor at The Women’s Foundation Hong Kong.

Vanessa Lee Taub is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - Stories of Transformation and Purpose by Women of Substance (Vol-II). Her chapter is "Activating The Law Of Attraction."

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