Vinti Mittal

About the Author

Vinti Mittal is the Clinical Director at SACAC Counselling and a registered counsellor and clinical member of the Singapore Association of Counselling with 15 years of experience.


In her current role, she is heavily invested in the well-being of her clients and the practice’s clients. She spends considerable time consulting with her clients and providing staff supervision. Vinti also offers clinical supervision to other upcoming therapists in the field.


Vinti is passionate about the roles of physical health and lifestyle in an individual’s well-being. She sees herself as a restless soul in the gym, walking in nature or out in her free time. She sees life differently after being trained as a counsellor.


She is a very involved mother of three boys. She learns a lot from life, her kids, and her clients.


Chapter Title: Which of My Roles Takes Priority

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