Yamilette Cano

About the Author

Born in colorful Mexico, Yamilette Cano had a childhood full of creativity. For over 20 years she performed as a professional ballerina. After retiring, she moved to Hong Kong and jumped into the Asia events industry as an entrepreneur.


After planning thousands of events, she started her journey as a Professional Public Speaker. She fell in love with the feeling of being on stage again.


Having experienced the joys of confident and assertive communication, Yamilette wanted to serve and give others the ability to find their ideal frequency and communicate with confidence. This is how LOUDER® by Yamilette Cano (LOUDER Global) was born.

LOUDER® works with clients in-person or virtually around the globe. Yamilette’s elegant style combined with her passion and dedication gives her the drive to help empower and elevate brands to tell their story with boldness and impact!

Yamilette Cano is the co-author of the book #MyVoice - Stories of Transformation and Purpose by Women of Substance (Vol-II). Her chapter is "A LOUDER Life in Three Acts."

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