Yasmine Khater

About the Author

Yasmine Khater enables leaders to connect, stand out, and sell their ideas with ease. All while inspiring their team, attracting more clients, and growing their business (and careers).


She is the lead researcher and Head Story Coach at the Sales Story Method. Her company’s mission is to help leaders fall in love with sales and become persuasive storytellers.


Armed with a degree in psychology and communications. She is an aspiring “armchair” neuroscientist who loves to study how to improve sales by applying science to the brain.


For the past decade, Yasmine has helped thousands of leaders from companies like Salesforce, Agilent, Essilor, LinkedIn, Credit Suisse, and more.


She comes from a mixed heritage, has lived in seven countries, and she’s travelled to a quarter of the world. In her free time, Yasmine is an adventurer, from trips to the Arctic to cycling through some of the world’s toughest mountain terrains. She is also a game developer under the brand letslearntoconnect.com


Chapter Title: The System is Unfair, but You can Still Win

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