Conversation With My Soul


This book is like holding hands. Sometimes when you need somebody by your side, sometimes when you need someone to tell you, guide you but there is no one around you. Sometimes you feel hopeless, sometimes you feel miserable, sometimes you feel so happy! But still…. a little sad. This book, the idea behind this book is to help you.

Connect with the book and allow the book to give you the message that you so desire somebody else to give to you. So, sometimes when nobody’s around …. I don’t know what time of the hour you need that piece of advice, but you don’t know whom to reach out to, whom to talk to, whom to connect to, then connect with this book.

Connect with your heart, ask this book to guide you… what it would like to tell you at that moment, that u the being, your soul, needs to hear, to move forward to let go, to connect. So, this is the purpose behind this book. I hope it contributes to each one of you.

Thank you for reading it, buying it and keeping it, by your bedside and allowing the magic of this channelled energies on its cover, on its pages and in the words that “cosmos” spoke to me in vibrations and words … to present it to you, to speak to you, to guide to you, to contribute to you… in ways that your mind cannot fathom. So Happy Reading!

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