Never Underestimate a Woman – Part 2


Never Underestimate a Woman Part 2, is a sequel to the Amazon No.1 Bestseller book, Never Underestimate a Woman by Heather Cameron, which is a portion of her life story.

In this book, Heather takes her readers on a journey of how she assisted in forming a large earthmoving business, running two farms with a total of 90,000-acres in Outback Australia, with the trials and tribulations of drought, caring for livestock and living a lonely life in isolation; while still managing to find the joys in life, such as finally becoming a mother at age 37.

Sadly, she endured domestic violence through her entire relationship. Finally ending it after 27 years, when she discovered her husband was living a double life. Fearing her ex-husband and the possibility of losing her children, she went into hiding with them, until she could get help.

After a gruelling and extensive legal battle, an $8 Million debt, with receivers involved, having to think like a private detective, searching for missing assets, making 24 trips to Sydney with her legal team, three and a half years later the battle was finally over.

This is a very captivating and inspiring story, where this amazing woman keeps her head held high through hardship, maintaining resilience even with the odds against her, as she delights you with her quirky sense of humour, finally finding a new man and a new beginning.

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