SheSpeaks Vol.1 – Stories of Trauma & Triumph


Through the #SheSpeaks book anthology, our mission is to create a world that celebrates women’s voices, stories, and lives. We believe in the power of women’s narratives to inspire, empower, and uplift women everywhere.

This debut volume #SheSpeaks – Stories of Trauma to Triumph, is an ensemble of 15 inspiring stories from women around the globe. Stories from women with powerful #messagesthatmatter; and stories from women passionate about #makingadifference.

Through these stories you will see women of strength, courage, and dignity. Women who value themselves and fight for what they believe in. Women who did not give up on their dreams, regardless of how many obstacles stood in their way. In fact, that the obstacle was the way… that through trauma, came triumph!

These are our inspiring authors: Kristy-Ann Waugh, Tanya Fitzgerald, Nuzee Nawaz, Heather Cameron, Sue Stevenson, Sharon Couper, Fiona Landford, Allison Bertoni, Michelle Greenwood, Ann Brown, Kate Taylor, Natalie Karras, Fiona Dawson, Jude Lunny, and Julie Wells.

Funds raised from the sale of this volume will support the work of Dress for Success. As a leading global non-profit employment resource for women, Dress for Success empowers women to achieve economic independence, transform their lives and re-envision their futures.

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