Unmasking Happiness


With the focus of helping individuals find happiness in their lives, “Unmasking Happiness” offers insights on how one can lead and smile through life, and look forward to each day. The book emphasizes that controlling external factors is not possible, and attempts to do so can complicate one’s life. Therefore, the key is to become a champion of one’s inner game.


The author of “Unmasking Happiness,” Suman Sirohia, is a skilled Internationally Certified Life Coach, Executive Coach, Mind-set Transformation, and Emotional Intelligence Coach, with in-depth knowledge and expertise in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She has the power to inspire and create mind shifts among listeners through her keynote speeches, making her a renowned speaker.


Suman’s sole mission and vision is to spread happiness in the world by impacting one million lives positively and peacefully by 2030. She firmly believes that everyone is born to be happy and works towards this goal with passion and dedication.

Authors : Suman Sirohia

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