Voices Of Tomorrow

Calling for Aspiring Authors

After the success of Young Dreamers Literary Festival 2023, Global Influencers Publishing House is excited to extend a Call for Interest to Co-Author the book, titled “Voices of Tomorrow – The Future Thought Leaders Passionate to Change the World” inspiring the young generation to take action and become a part of the movement, one that contributes significantly to the future of our planet.

Scope of the book

The world needs a change, and it’s essential that the voices of our young generation are heard to make a difference. Our upcoming book, “Voices of Tomorrow – The Future Thought Leaders Passionate to Change the World” will feature essays from children of diverse backgrounds (aged 10-17 years) on their opinions and ideas for the future. These young thought leaders will share unique perspectives on the problems the world is facing today, whether it’s concerning sustainability, environmental/climate changes, AI & privacy concerns, rigid education systems, global military conflicts, water contamination, poverty, human rights violation, inequality, cyberbullying, social media addiction, peer pressure and more.

These young thought leaders are filled with passion and ideas that can change the world for the better, and our book aims to give them the chance to share their visions on a global scale. The essays written by these young thought leaders will act as a stepping stone to create conversations and actions that we all can take towards a better future. The futures that these young leaders imagine are filled with hope and promise, and they see a world that is sustainable, inclusive, and diverse.
Let’s give these young thought leaders the opportunity to take the first step towards changing the world and support them in their journey towards a better tomorrow.

Opportunity for Contributing Authors:

The final book is intended to be launched in October 2023. The book will be available in printed format as well as an e-book. It will be promoted widely and globally with the intention of making it an “Amazon Best Seller”. Videos of the contributing authors’ story showing will be compiled for the pre-launch and publicity of the book.

Please refer to our social media channels & website for details of promotional & marketing activities:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/globalinfluencerspublishing

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/global-influencers-publishing-house

Instagram: https://instagram.com/books.authors.nmore

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@GLOBALINFLUENCERS

If your child has aspirations of becoming an author and dreams of achieving the title of an Amazon No.1 Bestseller, we would love to hear from you.

Our publishing package includes comprehensive structural editing and proofreading of the chapter or manuscript, book cover design, interior design, and typesetting, publishing the book on Amazon, eBook conversion and distribution, online distribution, inventory management, creating marketing collaterals, customized PR and promotional activities for each author, marketing and promotional activities for the book, Amazon No.1 Bestseller strategy, book launch event, and one printed copy of the book for each author.

To learn about the costs, chapter format, and submission deadlines, please contact us at shikha@globalinfluencers.sg or alternatively fill in the form below. Don’t forget to include a 100-word synopsis of your child’s chapter.

Please note: Royalties received from book sales on Amazon go to Singapore Children’s Society charity.

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