Date : October 20th to 22nd, 2021

Time : 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm SGT/HKT

Venue : Virtual Event via Zoom

For centuries women around the world have put the needs of others before themselves. They have made tremendous amounts of sacrifice for everyone around them, their families, friends, colleagues even society. And in times to come, none of this will change because this is what makes us, us. But in all this if we could give a little attention, time and focus to “self”, we have the power to make this world a better place for others and us.


At My Voice Forum Global 2021 you will discover the new YOU, as we bring our awareness to the three aspects of “SELF” –


Self Development, Self Love & Self Care.


Through 30 world class Speakers & Panelists – the Change Makers from around the globe, with each topic well curated and researched, providing attendees a thought-provoking & an interactive platform to exchange views and reflect upon overcoming challenges faced by women to achieve their personal best.

We can’t change history but we can come together to change our future. So “Choose to Challenge” at this year’s My Voice Forum Global 2021. Ask your questions, network and share experiences in a cohesive, collaborative and interactive setting. Discover your own potential and make an impact that counts.

We have been in the forefront of empowering women through their series of events, forums, panels focused on creating a safe space for like-minded women to come together, engage in and discuss pressing issues related to Women, share responsibility and make a difference, turn challenges into inspiration, and ultimately provide much needed support to make life happen on their terms.

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