Date : September 8th , 2021

Time : 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm SGT/HKT

Venue : Virtual Event via Zoom

Have you ever felt unbearably you? So out of alignment, that you lost sight of your passion and your purpose in life?


For far too long, we have been taught to conform to the societal norm and to do what’s expected of us. Some people are lucky to get a second chance but most aren’t.


Do you want to lay on your death bed with regrets and know that you haven’t lived life on your terms… instead lived a life that was expected of you?


Our speaker, Kristy-Ann Waugh  showed how to reach out, REALIGN, REDEFINE and RESTORE your life.


And through her own life’s example, help you move past the three universal human fears:

  1. The fear of not being enough (worthy)
  2. The fear of not being loved; and
  3. The fear of not belonging


You have one life, live it! (O.L.L.I)

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