Date : December 23, 2021

Time : 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm SGT/HKT

Venue : Virtual Event via Zoom

#MyVoice Vol. 3 – Journeys of Self-Discovery and Resilience is an ensemble volume of moving stories detailing the lives of twenty women from varied backgrounds around the world. Each of the stories is very different, highlighting the premise that “Everyone has a story.”


Our 20 authors narrate their journeys and share with the reader their discoveries about themselves and what they have learnt in travelling their road. They created their own path and embarked on a new journey to make life happen on their terms by creating the world they deserved to live in. Every chapter, told in the author’s voice, highlights strength, resilience, and a way forward when life seems impossible. These are women to admire and emulate. These are truly stories of self-discovery and resilience.

Here’s your chance to meet the Co-Authors of #MyVoice Volume 3, the unsung heroes and community champions who have gone above and beyond their course of work, service and passions, providing extraordinary examples of courage, resilience, triumph, kindness, compassion, self-love, transformation, skill and success.


Authors: Aisling Fenix, Anna Von Zinner,Avnish Sharma, Bhavini Raval, Emily Pearson, Ivana Fertitta, Jasmeet Arora, Julie Aswani, Kristy-Ann Waugh, Michelle Harris, Nivedita Ramanujam, Roseda Campbell, Sandra McGivern, Sarah Kalmeta, Susanne Schutz, Tatiana Solomatina, and Yolanda Madikizela.

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