How To Be A Neuro-Affirmative Parent

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Are you looking for an affirmative way to nurture your neurodivergent child’s natural growth and curiosity through everyday parenting? As overwhelming as life gets, it’s easy to lose sight of small moments that make a big difference in your child’s development.

Written by Hwee Peng Tan, a mother of a neurodivergent child, How to Be a Neuro-affirmative Parent reveals affirmation techniques rooted in science to support each child at whatever point they’re at. By reading this book, you will feel you gain a friend who understands you, sitting on a couch beside you, chatting about your authentic feelings that only neurodivergent families can resonate with. This book acts like a cheerleader, reminding you you’re not alone and that what you are experiencing every day is not uncommon.

When you feel lost or in doubt, How to Be a Neuro-affirmative Parent will unfold fresh perspectives on cultivating confidence, passion for learning, and problem-solving skills, which turn small connections into habits that stick.

It will help you uncover proven ways to spark the potential in your neurodivergent child through compassion instead of standards, where you nurture what’s natural from the inside out.

Authors : Hwee Peng Tan

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