Solo – Embracing the Darkness to Find a New Light


Solo is the story of unpredictability of a road journey that ultimately mimics the unpredictability of life. When everything seems to have fallen apart and hopelessness is the only driving or rather dragging force, there are tiny, little signals to take a leap of faith and keep moving. This is what happened with Vedant, a seasoned professional, an NRI, who could not bear the loss of loved ones and was completely shattered. He left home for an impromptu solo road journey to the Himalayas without a specific destination in mind and ended up driving to Leh in Ladakh. 


As the journey was unplanned and the terrain was treacherous, he encountered significant roadblocks that not only jeopardised the journey but also threatened his life. Despite timely help from generous strangers when Vedant was about to give up on the journey, he met a Spiritual Guru. The Guru took Vedant under his wings and not only helped him to overcome the grief but also guided him to deep dive within himself and rediscover his true essence.

The author of the book Rishi Suri is a passionate traveller and has explored more than 35 countries in the past two decades. While he has previously self-published blogs, he recently decided to write a book. This decision came after emerging through a difficult phase of life.



Authors : Rishi Suri

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