My Voice Vol – 2


In this book, 20 women who shared their stories have transformed their lives when their purpose in life pushed them so hard that they could no longer ignore them. There have been changes in mindset, increased self-worth and an ingrained knowledge that there was more they could do, not only for other people but for themselves by following their true purpose.

There have been moves from continent to continent and from high-flying careers to humble service to humanity. They have learned to trust their gut and to push as much as they possibly can in a new career or passion so that they can give others the benefits of their true calling. Not any of their journeys have been simple.

After reading these stories, we dare you to ask any one of the authors if they had the choice, would they have stayed in their old lives. The answer will be a resounding, “NO!” Be prepared to be enthralled, inspired and amazed by what we can do when we find our purpose! And be ready to be transformed through their lives!

Proceeds from book sales go to Singapore Children’s Society Charity.

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