Redefining The Rules


This book has been authored by women who are employed by or volunteering for, have been trained by, or are professional speakers listed in the KeyNote Women Speakers’ directory. They’re on a mission to bring more diversity to speaking stages worldwide. They are a global community of inspirational thought leaders committed to amplifying diverse voices. 

Women’s voices need to be heard, and our perspectives must be seen. Not just for the sake of us women; everybody stands to benefit.

Diversity increases group intelligence and fosters innovation, as proven by the higher profitability companies with diversity in leadership achieve.

This book is written as a demonstration of the richness in perspective on one single topic: Embracing Equity. 

The authors of this book are all speakers you can book on International Women’s Day to celebrate the progress towards achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment. They will provide role models for your female employees on the value and importance of speaking up. They will inspire all your employees to create a better tomorrow. 

Women in the community speak on diversity and inclusion topics during the month of International Women’s Day and all year round on issues such as Leadership, Finance, Sustainability, Biotechnology, Empowerment, Mental well-being – and much more. 

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